Building a Community

We don’t mind that other people share in both the joy and the glory of whatever we do. It is part of a team effort, and that is quite unique. I feel very strongly here that it is truly a community; it is a group effort that allows us to provide excellent care and that allows us to be a community to those patients after they receive care.”

– Alberto Esquenazi, MD | Chief Medical Officer of MossRehab



Dr. Esquenazi had a patient who was interested in taking home one of the ReWalk devices he’d used at MossRehab. The ReWalk is the first commercially viable upright device that enables wheelchair users to stand, walk and climb stairs. Dr. Esquenazi and his team provided the patient with the necessary training, and now he is able to dance with his daughters.

“That was a very special moment for everybody in that family,” Esquenazi remembers fondly. “For all of us to see that happen was very fulfilling.”

As a teenager growing up in Mexico, Alberto was a nationally-ranked swimmer in the 50-meter butterfly.

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