Treating Patients Like Family

I had someone tell me once that we treat every patient that we have like they’re our own family member, and that’s an attitude that I’ve tried to incorporate into my work with all of my patients. We care about more than our patient’s diagnosis; we care about them as a person too.”


As a nurse in the Cardiac Critical Care Unit, Natalie sees how Einstein is ‘More than Medicine’ every day. She says that she develops a great relationship with her patients and sees her colleagues routinely going above and beyond for every patient.

Natalie, too, has been known to do everything in her power to care for every patient. She received the prestigious DAISY Award in March 2015 based on the following letter sent by a former patient who spent two snowy days in the Cardiac Care Unit.

I came to the hospital in my pajamas with no preparation and no belongings. My nurse, Natalie Jordan, was very busy but still cared enough to ask me if I wanted anything from the cafeteria. I told her I had a craving for a muffin, and she sent a friend to the cafeteria and had her bring me a chocolate chip muffin and then made me a cup of tea to go with it. When she found out that I didn’t eat my lunch because I’m a vegetarian, she brought me her own yogurt and insisted I eat it. Then, she called and ordered me a veggie burger.

That night, about 3-5 inches of snow fell in the city. The next morning, despite the fact that everything was so icy outside, Natalie was at work on time. She came to see me with a container of yogurt for me and a snack for another patient that she picked up from a corner store on the way home during the snowstorm the night before.

I was so touched that a young nurse after working 12 hours was thinking of her patient on her way home on a snowy, stormy night. I was very lucky to come to this hospital and have Natalie Jordan as my nurse.”