Moments That Touch Your Soul

From the moment a baby takes its first breath to the moment that we get to watch a heart start beating again, to the moment that we have the opportunity to help an Alzheimer’s patient regain clarity. These are moments that really touch your being, your inner soul.”
– AnnMarie Papa | Chief Nursing Officer – Einstein Medical Center Montgomery


Although AnnMarie Papa, the Chief Nursing Officer at Einstein Medical Center Montgomery, has only been with Einstein for a little more than one year, she’s quickly embraced the “More than Medicine” culture of the organization.

She beams as she talks about the moments that she and her team have the privilege to be a part of each day (seeing the birth of a child, a heart starting again, a moment of clarity of a patient with Alzheimer’s Disease).

Reflecting on her year at Einstein and what keeps her excited to come to work each day, AnnMarie says, “I know that every day I am going to make a difference for someone, and they are going to make a difference for me.”